Frequently Asked Questions
Before we answer some of your questions here’s a check list of questions questions you should ask ANY paving contractor.
Do you have a permanent place of business and can you be reached during business hours?
Are you a member of the BBB and the Certified Contractors Network?
Is your record with the Better Business Bureau free of any unresolved complaints?
How many years have you been in business.
Do you have Liability insurance? Can I see proof of coverage?
How much Liability Insurance Coverage do you carry?
Are you able to handle drainage & other excavations problems?
Do you have the right equipment to identify and remediate sub-grade problems.
Will my asphalt be installed at the recommended temperature for installation day?
Will you use a vibratory plage compactor and/or 3-5 ton vibratory roller on my driveway?
What pitch will you create to insure my driveway will drain properly?
Will you guarantee, in writing, my yard will be returned to as near to pre-construction as possible?
Did you show up with asphalt “left over” from a job “down the street”
Do you have references?
Do you have a written warranty for both material and workmanship?
Do you offer repair and repair and maintenance services?
If you have more questions than what’s presented here; please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions.
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